MDP ChemControl Ltd. is able to offer range of about 7.000 Fine Chemicals and Intermediates directly from manufacturers, as a result of representing chemical manufacturers worldwide.

MDP ChemControl Ltd. offerís wide range of pharmaceutical, agro and other specialties of chemical industry as well as provides raw material and intermediates in bulk and semi bulk quantities for development and commercial use.

Although the Product List is extensive, it is still not exhaustive. Every month itís increased by 200 Ė 500 new chemicals. Therefore, when you are interested, we are able to send you the up-date version of our database every half a year on the diskette. 

MDP ChemControl Ltd. are specialist in sourcing.

 Our comprehensive databases and relationship with specialty manufacturers enable us to find many exclusive products as well as new, highly competitive sources of fine chemicals, intermediates and raw materials. 

Please contact MDP ChemControl Ltd. when looking for source of satisfying your fine chemicals requirements.